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Cooperative in Doоm3!
Jet Crow  27.02.2004  11:03

К сожалению пока информация только для X-Box версии. "I am not surprised that this has not been posted already because it was in Gamepro, but the newest issue had a really good article about the Xbox version of Doom III. It was 4 or 5 pages and had alot of info and sreenshots covering it's development. The game resolution is lower for the obvious reason but it looks just as sharp as any other top tier Xbox title and Gamepro said it supports 480p and pretty much looks better than any other game supporting 480p on the Xbox right now. The article also said that everything from the PC version has made it into the Xbox version (lighting, bumpmapping, geometry, levels, physics, animation and every other graphic trick used).Bigger levels will not be rebuilt smaller but rather will be broken into two or three areas. Vicarious Visions stated that they were also able to write some custom backdoor hacks for the Xbox Nvidia chip that is not possible on pc cards (because of the style and variety of chips) that helped them a great deal. The game will support 4 player deathmatch and two player co-op over live. Great article a lot more info in there for anyone interested in this game." Gaming-age forums


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